Sqriba robot, for a better handwriting

Through an innovation patented technology, you write the perfect letter with the Sqriba. The movement of the pen automatically teaches you the perfect handwriting, from the beginning Writing is a complex combination of movement and visual feedback, and for this reason there is a screen that gives you constant feedback. All you have to do is hold the pen and the Sqriba will do the rest. Everyone experiences the Sqriba as fun.

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Advantages Sqriba

- Learn the perfect writing movement from the start, no worries to do it wrong or a disappointing experience.
- Improved handwriting skills, you simply learn to write better and more beautiful.
- Learn to write much faster than with traditional methods.
- For individual use or in the classroom, learn to write at your own pace.
- Have more fun learning to write.
- For teachers who want to give more individual attention.
- Also suitable for dyslexes or children who are not used to Latin writing!

The use of the Sqriba is supported by a teaching programme specifically designed by specialists. Because several children can use the Sqriba during a school day, the teacher has more time to give more attention to children who need it. With an easy-to-use screen, a child can choose his lesson to practice.

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