Introduce the world to robots and robotics since 2009

Part of RobotXperience

The website exists since 2009 and is part of RobotXperience. We work with experienced people who started in 2009 to discover robots and robotics. We follow robot developments every day and have specialists in exponential technology, care and education.

Our people

Our people operate as speakers for keynotes and workshops and provide robots and technology on organisations innovation days. This keeps them well informed about the latest developments.

Platform is a platform where robots and applications with robots are central. We offer services for suppliers, software builders, event organizations to increase exposure, get the attention of relevant visitors and receive requests from interested people.

No sales

We are not a sales organisation. If we know where and how you can buy or rent a robot (+software), we will mention this in our "shop". 

Address details

Our address is Randstad 21-61, 1314 BH, Almere, Netherlands. We are only 20 minutes away from Amsterdam and it is a 5-minute walk from Almere Central Station.  

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