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Our robot news gives you insight into the latest developments. Read about robot developments, robotics and fun new robots for home. More and more is being developed in the field of robotics and ever since 2009 you can read the latest and best news about robots here.

What will be the role of robots in our lives?

The robot revolution has begun, robots are mowing our grass and vacuuming our house. They assist the surgeon in the operating room and drive around on Mars. They are entertaining our children and soon even our cars will be autonomous robots. Read the robot news here if you really want to stay with it.

Robots and work, what may we expect

Robots en werk, wat mogen we verwachtenRobots-en-werk-wat-mogen-we-verwachten.jpg The World Economic Forum predicts, based on interviews with directors of member firms, that by 2025, 52 percent of all work will be in the hands of programmable machines. At present, about 29 percent of all work is done by robots. At the same time, it is possible that the rapid developments in the ICT field will create some 133 million new jobs in 2022. These will replace 75 million jobs that will disappear. The WEF advises governments to anticipate this forecast now and to retrain employees in the risk sectors early. more

Sex robot Robin

Seksrobot robinSeksrobot-robin.jpg She has long brown hair, is 1 meter 63 and she is probably the first Dutch speaking sex robot. Robin can't (yet) move her arms and legs herself. But her eyes, mouth and eyebrows are. "She can blink, she can look left and right, and also her neck can look left and right. The possibilities to adapt things to a sex doll or robot are almost endless. The shape, the haircut, the hair color, the eyes, ears, the size of the breasts. It can all be adapted to the wishes of the customer. Robin can also move her eyes, mouth and eyebrows herself. Anyone who wants to take home the adult Dutch speaking Robin will have to be patient for a while. In the middle of next year Van der Voort (Mythenga organization) expects to have the robot ready for sale. more

Link View, Google Assistant with smart display

Link view, Google Assistant with smart displayLink view, Google Assistant with smart display.jpg JBL’s Google-powered smart display, link view, launches in September 2108. Other manufacturers, such as Sony, Lenovo, JBL (from Samsung) and LG, have already launched smart speakers with screen based on Google's Smart Display platform. more

iRobot’s latest Roomba i7 empties itself

iRobot’s latest Roomba i7+ empties itselfiRobot’s latest Roomba i7+ empties itself.jpg The newest Roomba i7+, unveiled today, has two key changes: the robot now remembers your home’s floor plan, and it empties itself. The auto-emptying feature is probably the most useful. The i7+ doesn’t actually fling dirt into your garbage after each clean; instead, it uses a hopper attached to its charging station as an intermediary. Each time it returns to the base, dirt in the robot is sucked up into the hopper, which stores up to 30 bins. more

Humanoid robot Sophia visiting the Netherlands

Humanoid robot Sophia op bezoek in NederlandRobot Sophia op bezoek in Nederland.jpg De hoofdgast op Bright Day op 24 en 25 november 2018 is de sociale humanoid Sophia van Hanson Robotics. more

In China, children are taught their lesson by Keeko

Keeko RoboKeeko Robot.jpg In China, children in kindergarten are taught not only by a teacher, but also by a small robot called Keeko. The device is only 60 centimetres in size. Furthermore, the device has a round, white, chubby body. Keeko tells children stories, but also challenges them with problems they have to solve. The robot is completely autonomous and drives around on small wheels. Inside there are cameras, which act as navigation sensors and record video diaries. The robot is now used in 600 kindergartens all over China. more

Mayfield Robotics, the maker of the Kuri robot, closes its doors

Kuri home robotKuri-home-robot.jpg Unfortunately, the company behind the Kuri robot, a smart device for your smarthome, has had to close its doors. Mayfield Robotics had previously announced that production of the robot had been halted. In the meantime, the company has not been able to attract investors. more

LG comes with mechanical exoskeleton

LG CLOi SuitBot exoskeletonLG CLOi SuitBot exoskeleton.jpg Focused on becoming a leading developer of service robots in the next decade, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil to the public at IFA 2018 its first “human-centric” wearable robot. What it does is support and enhance a user’s legs to allow for more mobility and lower limb strength. more

Receptionist Assistant Robot

Microsoft robot assistant for receptionistMicrosoft robot assistant for receptionist.jpg We already knew that it is difficult for a robot to bring a drink. Nevertheless, Microsoft sees strategic opportunities to develop an assistant robot that can support people at work in collecting a drink. more

Samsung announces smart speaker Galaxy Home

Galaxy home, smart assistant from SamsungGalaxy home, smart assistant from Samsung.jpg Samsung showed the Galaxy Home at the Unpacked event. With the relatively large smart speaker, the company wants to combine good audio quality with its Bixby assistant. The Galaxy Home rests on three legs and is about one and a half times the size of Apples Homepod. Samsung's smart speaker includes six built-in speakers and a subwoofer. Audio reception is via eight microphones. more

Adorable robot Vector is cute

Adorable robot Vector from AnkiVector, adorable robot from Anki.jpg Vector can detect your face, answer questions, and play games. You can ask it questions, play games with it, and even pet it to elicit a chirpy little purr. But developer Anki doesn’t want you to focus on Vector’s functionality. The company has been putting a lot of effort into its personality. more

Lynx a small humanoid robot with speech recognition

De Lynx, intelligentie en robotica in één robotDe Lynx, intelligentie en robotica in één robot.jpg Lynx is a small humanoid robot from Ubtech equipped with the Amazon's Alexa speech recognition software. Chinese robot maker Ubtech wants to create a robot size for the home with Lynx. more

Will Amazon bring a robot to your home?

Vesta, home robot of AmazonVesta, home robot of Amazon.jpg According to Bloomberg technology, Amazon is working on a robot, codenamed De Vesta, for the home. Little is known yet about what the robot could do. According to some, it should make sure that Amazon's clever assistant, Alexa, gets to follow you when you go to a room without a smart speaker. more

The use of robots in the fight against ebola

Xenex robot, voor bestrijding infectieuze micro-organismenXenex robot, voor bestrijding infectieuze micro-organismen.jpg Robot helps in the fight against ebola. "In the state of Texas, a robot is being used to kill all kinds of bacteria with ultraviolet radiation. The robot is currently used to clean rooms in more than 250 hospitals in the United States. The robot does the preliminary work, after which an employee of the hospital can safely carry out the other cleaning. The development and use of robots is currently the subject of much debate. A few examples where the usefulness of robots is clear. more

Cleaning solar panels with a robot

Gekko robot for cleaning solar panelsGekko robot voor het reiningen van zonnepanelen.jpg With lots of sunshine you want an optimal efficiency of your solar panels. In order to achieve this, regular cleaning is necessary. This is a dangerous job that better can be done by a robot. more

Municipality deploys robot for hospitality

Gemeente zet robot in voor hospitalityGemeente zet robot in voor hospitality.jpg The municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg will be deploying a robot in the next five months to welcome visitors to the Service Centre. more

Drones build bridge; they look like Dutch people!

Drones bouwen brug; lijken wel Nederlanders!Drones bouwen brug; lijken wel Nederlanders!.jpg We are known here in the Netherlands as good bridge builders. But the competition is now coming from an unexpected angle. Drones who, together with all of them, are completely autonomous and build a bridge that can carry a weight of 1,300 kg. more

Desktop robot Jibo is one of the 25 best inventions of 2017 according to Time Magazine

Jibo-de-interactieve-robot-in-huisJibo-de-interactieve-robot-in-huis.jpg In America, many households already have smart voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home. Recently there has been an attractive newcomer; the desktop robot Jibo, which is for sale for about 900 US dollars. Time Magazine has put Jibo prominently on the cover and even calls Jibo one of the 25 best inventions of 2017. more

ALPHA 2, cheap copy of NAO

ALPHA 2, goedkope kopie van NAOALPHA 2, goedkope kopie van NAO.jpg On indiegogo, the Alpha 2 humanoid robot is currently offered as a kickstarter project. The robot is positioned as a house friend and administrator. The project has already raised more than USD 1 million in total more

Telepresence robot in Museum of the Future

Telepresense robot in het museum van de toekomstTelepresense robot in het museum van de toekomst.jpg From now on, people with a physical disability will be able to view the exhibitions in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. A telepresence robot makes it possible to experience the museum and art from their own environment. more