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Our robot news gives you insight into the latest developments. Read about robot developments, robotics and fun new robots for home. More and more is being developed in the field of robotics and ever since 2009 you can read the latest and best news about robots here.

What will be the role of robots in our lives?

The robot revolution has begun, robots are mowing our grass and vacuuming our house. They assist the surgeon in the operating room and drive around on Mars. They are entertaining our children and soon even our cars will be autonomous robots. Read the robot news here if you really want to stay with it.

What if robots become "soft"

Wat als robots zacht wordenWat-als-robots-zacht-worden.jpg Existing robots are hard and have limited flexibility. But what are soft and flexible as robots, like the grippers pioneers at TU Delft are developing. This flexibility makes all kinds of new applications possible. A Dutch pioneer is Rob Scharff, PhD student at Delft University of Technology. If you build soft, flexible robots, all kinds of new applications are within reach. Daniela Rus, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the American research institute MIT. Soft robots broaden our view of what a robot is. Much more diversity is possible. Not only in terms of shapes, but also in terms of materials. more

Always wanted to be massaged by a robot

Massage through a robotMassage-through-a-robot.jpg Massage Robotics has at the CES 2019 with its prototype of the robot massage therapist again drawn attention to massages using robot arms. With the help of voice control you could influence the strength of the massage. Massage in case of injuries Experiments with the use of robot arms for massage have been going on for some time now. For example, Emma, the massage robot made by the NTU in Singapore. Based on a scan of your back and a comparison in the database, a program is selected after which the robot arm starts working on the massage. The head of the robot arm contains 2 parts, one feels like a human thumb and the other like a human palm. more

New version Walker humanoid robot UBTECH

Walker, humanoid robot from UBTECHWalker-humanoid-robot-from-UBTECH.jpg Robotics company UBTech have show a new impressive version of its Walker robot at CES 2019. The UBTech Walker has the ability to grab and manipulate objects, with the hands. Walker is UBTECH's most advanced robot ever made and demonstrates capabilities such as flexible walking, self-balancing, hand-eye coordination, avoiding obstacles, and facial and object recognition. Compared to last year's model, this redesigned Walker comes with an improved redesigned hull. To tackle complexity, the machine relies on 36 high-performance actuators, along with sensors to stabilize itself while walking smoothly. As before, Walker relies on Ubtech's own Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping technology to plan paths while avoiding obstacles. more

Bot Care robot from Samsung

Bot Care robot SamsungBot-Care-robot-Samsung.jpg Samsung announced its first series of robots, home robots, retail robot and mobility support at CES 2019. Bot Care There is the Bot Care for medical support at home. Bot Care is a robot with a screen for a face that can not only display the 'emotions' of the robot, but also information about the vital health statistics of an owner. Bot Care can perform live measurements thanks to a sensor built right under the screen. Place your finger on it and the robot can measure your blood pressure and heart rate. According to Samsung, the robot of about one meter high is equipped with AI to learn from your health measurements. more

Made in China 2025 (by robots)

Made in China 2025 (by robots)Made-in-China-2025-by-robots.jpg Made in China 2025' is the name of the strategic program that is supposed to cause the robot revolution, among other things. In 2013, there were 25 robots per 10,000 employees in China. Three years later, there were already 68 robots. In South Korea, Singapore, Germany and the United States the numbers of robots are many times higher, but the growth in China is going fast. The world's workshop, China, is changing One in three robots in the world does this in China. Where once thousands of people sat on conveyor belts, now machines and robots do the work. 24 hours a day. Driven by fewer and fewer people. Every new factory is characterized by more and more automation and more robots that replace human hands. "We want to deploy people in an intelligent way,". more

Loomo delivery Robot from Segway

Loomo Delivery Robot from SegwayLoomo-Delivery-Robot-from-Segway.jpg Segway, the company known for its electric two-wheeler, launches a new version of its delivery robot Loomo at the CES fair in Las Vegas. Loomo has to deliver parcels and groceries at home. Autonomous navigation Loomo is also equipped with an Intel Atom Processor for advanced artificial intelligence processing and calculation. The Intel RealSense camera allows depth estimation, face recognition and tracking of people. With the help of this technology, Loomo should be able to navigate outside independently in the future. more

KiKi companion robot pet from Zoetic

KiKi companion robot pet from ZoeticKiKi-companion-robot-pet-from-Zoetic.jpg KiKi sets itself apart as a robot that's powered by "the world's first Deep Learning Personality Engine," which means that each and every interaction with the bot helps to shape its unique identity. Through sight, hearing and touch, KiKi the robot gathers data from the world with the camera at its nose, a built-in microphone and 12 interactive touch points. Users will learn to interact with KiKi in various ways—for instance, when the bot is seeking affection from its owner, it will poke its nose out. KiKi is a stationary desktop pal who just wants to be petted. more

Lovot , a cute companion robot

Lovot, a cute companion robot Lovot-a-cute-companion-robot-.jpg Created by Tokyo-based Groove X, Lovot is a cute companion robot that’s been in development for the last three years. It’s just over a foot tall and in many ways resembles a child’s cuddly toy. But Lovot is trying to be something altogether smarter, as beneath its soft covering you’ll find numerous sensors that detect human touch, though quite how it responds isn’t entirely clear. There’s also a less-hard-to-miss camera perched on its head for navigation. more

Robotdog Boston Dynamics with robot arms

Robotdog Boston Dynamic with ArmsRobotdog-Boston-Dynamic-with-Arms.jpg Boston Dynamics has been developing advanced robots for quite some time now, including the robot dog SpotMini . YouBionic has now introduced a concept with 3D printed arms to give this beautiful base not only feet but also hands. Only a concept? This company offers a fully 3D printed arm solution for the Boston Dynamics SpotMini. YouBionic sells the 3D models $179 which you have to print and assemble yourself. There is not much documentation yet on how the system will work in practice - the STLs contain the structural components, but not the electronics. And that's not unimportant. It's a fascinating concept and can be the beginning of a true component based robotics solution. more

Sphero stops BB-8 and R2-D2 toy robots

Sphero BoltSphero-Bolt.jpg Sphero will stop producing Disney toy robots. CEO Paul Berberian confirmed to The Verge that the company is cleaning up its remaining licensed inventory and will not replenish it. App support will continue for “at least two years, if not longer,” These toys sold well when released along with a movie, but interest waned over time as the movie got older. In addition, the CEO shows that 'all Star Wars fans already have the robots' and that the company data shows that there is limited play with the robots before they end up on the shelf. more

Guardian XO Max exoskelet makes you 20 times stronger

Guardian XO Max exoskelet  Guardian-XO-Max-exoskelet.jpg An electric exoskeleton that allows the wearer to lift 90 kg for a longer period of time was built by the American company Sarcos and will be commercially available in 2020. The Guardian XO Max exoskeleton is a full-body exoskeleton that has been in development for 17 years (R&D costs $175m). Sarcos says the suit contains a "series of sensors integrated into the exoskeleton, allowing the operator to intuitively operate the robot in a way that takes advantage of his or her instincts and reflexes, and minimizes the need for human training". more

CleanseBot anti bacterie robot

CleanseBot anti bacteria robotCleanseBot-anti-bacteria-robot.jpg CleanseBot is a smart robot with artificial intelligence and 18 sensors built in. It uses FOUR UV-C lamps to blast away 99.99% of germs and bacteria on ANY SURFACE. Not only does CleanseBot kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites, but UV-C light has been proven in many studies to actually help prevent the spread of airborne viruses, too. Beds and more : Whether you are traveling for work or for fun! Just set the CleanseBot down on the bed, turn it on for either 30 or 60 minutes, and go about your day while it sanitizes and disinfects your bed sheets and blankets! The areas with the most germs and bacteria include light switches and television remotes in addition to the bedspread. Even animals or your devices at home can be cleaned with Cleansebot. more

Toyota controllable robot T-HR3

Toyota T-HR3 robotToyota-T-HR3-robot.jpg Toyota has been developing humanoid robots for some time now, of which the T-HR3 is the most recent. This robot was announced at the end of 2017 and, like its predecessors, is very similar to humans. The robot is equipped with a head, two legs and two hands with a total of ten fingers. The T-HR3 is designed as a partner robot that can support people in a variety of conditions. The robot can be used on construction sites, in disaster areas or in space to perform dangerous tasks. With the most recent developments in the field of networks (5G) the applicability is approaching. more

Mini Sophia robot for consumers

Little Sophia robot Hanson roboticsLittle-Sophia-robot-Hanson-robotics.jpg Next year a mini-version of the well-known social robot Sophia will be released for consumers. Developer Hanson Robotics told this during techfestival Bright Day. The talking robot has dozens of facial expressions. "The robot will cost several hundred dollars," says David Chen of Hanson Robotics to Bright. Users will also be able to program the mini version of the social robot Sophia themselves. Hanson Robotics has already released an Einstein doll. more

Human Robot Sophia creates expectations

Menselijke Robot Sophia schept verwachtingenMenselijke-Robot-Sophia-schept-verwachtingen.jpg Sophia has a female face, including facial expressions, and looks at her stage partner and audience. Her human form often creates a false image among people of the current state of artificial intelligence and the ability of a robot to conduct a human conversation. more

ORIGIBOT 2, a telepresence robot with a gripping arm

ORIGIBOT Telepresence Robot with Arm and GripperORIGIBOT-Carbon-Fiber-Advanced-Telepresence-Robot-with-Arm-Gripper.jpg ORIGIBOT2 is a next generation telepresence solution. The robot has been updated with a sleek and functional carbon fiber frame, an additional wrist tilt action, improved motors and stronger servos. You connect remotely to ORIGIBOT2 from anywhere in the world on most any device with an Internet connection (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac). Not only do you have two-way audio and video, but also full control of the robotic platform, arm, and gripper. How awesome is that? A full 7 degrees of freedom (including the robot base) to interact with the remote environment! Using ready-made hardware, including an Arduino controller and Android tablet, Origin Robotics has ensured a low entry-level price. Prices start at $599,- on indiegogo. more

Alphabet stops with shaft robot

Shaft robot alphabetShaft-robot-alphabet.jpg Google parent Alphabet closes Schaft, the secret unit that develops running robots aimed at helping in disasters. After the sale of Boston Dynamics to Softbank, this is the second farewell to the large initiative Alphabet started in 2013. Consumer robot It is a sad end for a division that once looked like it had a bright future. In 2013 Schaft won the Robotics Challenge of DARPA with surprisingly graceful movements. There were even plans to bring a consumer-oriented product onto the market by 2020, according to reports, but it soon turned out that this was too optimistic a goal. New focus A source known at Tech Crunch indicated that the focus of Alphabet was already there. The tech giant now focuses more on industrial robots and parts such as robot arms than on fully independent robots. more

2nd generation TASKI robot scrubber drier

Robot schrobzuigmachine, Taski swingobot 2000Robot-schrobzuigmachine-Taski-swingobot-2000.jpg More than two years of practical experience with robot scrubber/dryers has led to a new revolutionary and robust cleaning robot. Using state of the art technologies, at least 25 percent more productivity is achieved, allowing locations to be cleaned more effectively. more

Healthcare provider in the netherlands extends experiments on social robots

healthcare provider in the netherlands extends experiments on social robotshealthcare-provider-in-the-netherlands-extends-experiments-on-social-robots.jpg Healthcare provider Philadelphia sees robots as a tool and complementary to the existing care process. The Pepper robot, renamed Phi robot at Philadelphia, has already met more than 2,000 clients, relatives and employees. From the time spent in the accommodation periods, it appears that the robot fulfils a function as an emotional outlet. The robot also helps with practical control, such as the daily rhythm. The robot helps to remind people of certain things or gives suggestions for actions. Clients visibly build a bond, gain more self-confidence and learn from and with the robot. more

TV presenter klaas can everything uses telepresence robot

klaas kan alles is een Nederlandse tv presentator die alles kanklaas-kan-alles-is-een-Nederlandse-tv-presentator-die-alles-kan.jpg Klaas is a Dutch TV presenter who can do anything. Klaas uses a telepresence robot, which can be controlled remotely. Through a video connection you can talk to other people. To try this invention Klaas surprises his lunch-guest to join as a robot. more

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