Vex exoskeleton from Hyundai

Hyundai has developed a new exoskeleton - the Vest EXoskeleton or VEX. The exoskeleton can be worn as a vest and is intended to support employees in the (car) industry in the heavy work they do above all. The VEX reduces fatigue and increases the physical strength of the user by imitating the movements of the joints and supporting the activities under heavy load.

New exoskeletons

The exoskeleton is the first in the world to contain multi-axial structures, combining multiple pivots to support the muscles. This increases efficiency.
A battery does not need the Hyundai exoskeleton. Partly because of this, it is about 22 to 42 percent lighter than similar products from competitors. The VEX is worn as a backpack; the user wears the exoskeleton with shoulder straps on the back and fastens it with buckles over the chest and belly. The backrest is adjustable over 18 centimetres, so the VEX will fit most people.

Chairless EXoskeleton

As part of its plans to develop various robot technologies, Hyundai will soon be launching another portable and lightweight robotised product on the market. This so-called Chairless EXoskeleton (CEX) supports the user's knee joints, spine and muscles by allowing him or her to sit down without the need for a chair or stool. With a weight of only 1.6 kg, the CEX is particularly light. Nevertheless, it is durable and can withstand loads of 150 kilograms.

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Vex exoskeleton from Hyundai
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