A robot for cleaning up your house

Robots that help in the household. A wish we hear many people express when we ask what kind of robot would you like to have. The robots from Japanese company Preferred Networks can put back swinging objects in the living room where they belong. This is done using Toyota's HSR, Human Support Robot.

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Human Support Robot

HSR, the abbreviation for Human Resource Robot, is Toyota's newest robot. HSR is meant to do various jobs in the house such as open curtains, pick up objects and keep your house tidy.

HSR service robot

Learning, seeing and listening

Using deep learning, the robots can recognize various household items, such as clothes, games and stationery, and then pack and place them in an assigned location. The computer vision can even see the difference between a left and a right boot and prepare them neatly next to each other. The household robot is controlled by your voice.

Human support robot : Toyota's HSR is designed for home use. The foot for navigation has been handled cleverly, stable and not too wide. In addition, the robot has the possibility to go up and down in height.

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