Rethink Robotics closes its doors

Rethink Robotics, the Boston, Mass.-based maker of collaborative robots Baxter and Sawyer, shut its doors today. Rethink was founded in 2008 and raised nearly $150 million to date, according to Crunchbase. Its last round of funding was an $18 million Series E in August 2017.
Rethink Robotics CEO Scott Eckert first confirmed the news via email to The Robot Report.
“I can confirm that unfortunately the news is true, Rethink Robotics closed its doors today,” Eckert writes. “We were pioneers and innovators in the industry and responsible for the creation of the collaborative robot category, but unfortunately we didn’t quite achieve the market success we had intended. We have been helping our team find new homes and have been overwhelmed with interest. It’s a world-class group of people will continue to do great things in their next endeavors.”

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According to experts, the time has come for robots and people to work together. Tony Fadell, closely involved in the development of iPod and iPhone, calls Baxter's development: "A Macintosh moment for the robotic world. He means that with Baxter, we've reached a point in the robot's development where they irreversibly enter our lives, work with us, and become part of our world.


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