Robots and work, what may we expect

The World Economic Forum predicts, based on interviews with directors of member firms, that by 2025, 52 percent of all work will be in the hands of programmable machines. At present, about 29 percent of all work is done by robots.

At the same time, it is possible that the rapid developments in the ICT field will create some 133 million new jobs in 2022. These will replace 75 million jobs that will disappear.

The WEF advises governments to anticipate this forecast now and to retrain employees in the risk sectors early.

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Accountancy, industry, customer management and secretariat under pressure

The research The Future of Jobs 2018 shows that jobs in accountancy (software robots), industry (Cobots), customer management and secretariat (service robots) are mainly taken over by machines. The biggest challenge is that employees continue to develop themselves. Especially in the areas of creativity, critical thinking and persuasion.

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