LG comes with mechanical exoskeleton

Focused on becoming a leading developer of service robots in the next decade, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil to the public at IFA 2018 its first “human-centric” wearable robot. What it does is support and enhance a user’s legs to allow for more mobility and lower limb strength.

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Part of an intelligent network

LG CLOi's SuitBot distinguishes itself from all previous company robots. It is not a complete robot, but an exoskeleton that can be worn like a pair of trousers. The exoskeleton has moving limbs and adapted shoes, making it easier for users to put them on and take them off. The goal of the technology is to achieve natural improvement when walking, standing and working. Especially people who need to lift black objects or operate heavy machinery will benefit from this new device.

Finally, the SuitBot is part of a wider range of service robots. Therefore, the exoskeleton will be able to connect these robots, allowing them to form an intelligent network together. In this way, employees in the exoskeleton will be able to communicate with cleaning robots and transport robots, among other things. For the time being, this first portable robot seems to be intended only for factories, as LG has not indicated any sales to the general public.

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