Cleaning solar panels with a robot

With lots of sunshine you want an optimal efficiency of your solar panels. In order to achieve this, regular cleaning is necessary. This is a dangerous job that better can be done by a robot.

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Gekko robot

PV systems on the roofs of houses, offices, factories and stables are more difficult to access. That is why an AWP is used. From the cabin, the robot is controlled with a remote control and no one needs to be on the roof anymore.

Thanks to sensors, the robot recognises the size of each PV system. Its innovative operation and technique of "walking and bonding" ensure a very good adhesion to the surface. This robot can clean roof slopes up to 47 degrees. Thanks to the innovative technology of the rotating brush, the robot always applies the same pressure to the surface to be cleaned. The result? Solar panels that are completely clean. At the same time, the robot moves quite quickly over the solar panel surface to be cleaned. In ideal circumstances, it can clean 400m2 of solar panels per hour.

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