Delivery robot at the office who operates the elevator himself

The Netherlands has a European first: a robot that is active in an office environment and can itself reach other floors via the lift. It is a Relay delivery robot that Sodexo uses in the office of their client Aegon in The Hague. For example, the delivery robot brings sandwiches and drinks from the restaurant to the meeting room on another floor.

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Delivery robot experiment

Michael van der Meer, Sodexo's Innovation Manager: "We have already experimented with robots in the Netherlands, but this is the first time that it concerns a delivery robot that can also operate the elevator wirelessly itself. Aegon makes its office environment available as a testing ground for further research together with Sodexo into the possibilities that a robot can offer.

Communicate wirelessly with the lift

Such a delivery robot is an intelligent device on wheels. It's already very clever, because it can manoeuvre around moving and static objects. But there are also challenges, such as doors, thresholds and lifts. He can't press the lift button. That's why Sodexo sat down with lift supplier Otis to discuss what was possible. Together they came up with the solution of having the robot communicate wirelessly with the elevator. If he is at his destination, someone has to open the door for him.

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