iRobot was founded in 1990 by robot experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop robots that can perform practical tasks in everyday life. Today, iRobot is a leading international company that builds consumer robots.

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The newest Roomba i7+, unveiled today, has two key changes: the robot now remembers your home’s floor plan, and it empties itself. The auto-emptying feature is probably the most useful. The i7+ doesn’t actually fling dirt into your garbage after each clean; instead, it uses a hopper attached to its charging station as an intermediary. Each time it returns to the base, dirt in the robot is sucked up into the hopper, which stores up to 30 bins.

Roomba i7+ is an impressive device with lots of useful features. The i7+ makes a map of your house recognizes several rooms, can be controlled with the Google voice assistant ('Hey Google, clean the living room'). The integration with Google Home is very nice. Using voice commands to quickly clean specific parts of the house sounds like ultimate laziness, but is surprisingly practical.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot will focus on a new area: educational robots. They have acquired Root Robotics. Root is a fun and easy-to-use educational robot that teaches children up to high school coding, creativity and problem solving skills. iRobot plans to include the Root robot in its growing portfolio of educational robot products.

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