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Root is a fun and easy-to-use educational robot that teaches coding, creativity and problem-solving skills to kids from pre-readers through high school. Root is controlled by an iPad or Iphone app that has three different coding levels, so students can learn the basics of programming. (Compatible only with iPad and iPhone running iOS 10 or later) 

Root single version includes ($199,-)

  • 1Root Robot (remote control via iPad & iPhone)

  • 1 Foldout whiteboard

  • 4 Vinyl cling sheets

  • 1 USB charging cable

  • 2 Dry erase markers

  • 1 Dry erase cloth

Root Classroom Pack ($1,199)

Perfect for Educators who want to fill their whiteboards with robots. The Root Classroom Pack comes with 6 Robots as well as a license for Root Academy on up to 6 iOS devices so more students can utilize Root's Lessons, Projects and Brain Breaks.

The Classroom Pack includes 6 Root Robots, one year subscription to Root Academy for up to 6 iOS device, and downloadable Level 1 Curriculum Guide which contains 30 lessons and 22 projects that are printable and designed to be used as cards or handouts.



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