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Zoomer is an interactive puppy with multiple sensors which ensure that he can just behave like a real dog. Like a real puppy he will occasionally be naughty sometimes! A loving and loyal friend for children over five years.

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In the US Zoomer won many awards in 2014. Zoomer is a dog that has infrared sensors to watch his environment and to follow where his owner is . In addition, the dog responds to voice commands. Children robot dog can learn up to 30 tricks. Just like real dogs, de dog needs training, attention and patience.

Features Zoomer robot dog

With the wheels under his feet he can follow you and play with a ball
Zoomer has five engines allowing it to move like a real dog
Zoomer has sound and infrared sensors with which he can hear and see your movements
With a button on his back, he can thank you by doing any little trick
Zoomer has LED eyes through which he cab show joy , embarrassment and love
Zoomer knows three languages, English, French and Spanish.

Zoomer Dog Bentley 2.0

Zoomer Dog Bentley is a colorful variant

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