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The Dolphin Zenit 10 is the perfect pool robot for cleaning the bottom of your architectural pool. In this segment, the Zenit 10 is really a top model. This robot is one of the best quality robots on the market. Developed in Israel, consisting of rock solid materials. Hardly breakable. The Zenit 10 is also equipped with various conveniences such as a swivel and a storage device. A swivel ensures that the cable of the robot does not get tangled during the cleaning cycle. And the storage device is ideal for the safe storage of the robot and the corresponding control panel.

Pool robot for 75m2

Zenit 10 has a 3-hour cleaning program. Within this time, it thoroughly cleans the bottom of swimming pools up to 12 by 6 metres. In those 3 hours you don't have to worry about the robot. The Zenit 10 is so smart that it knows exactly which spots it has already had and which ones it still needs. After the cleaning cycle, just empty and rinse the filter cartridges, and you'll have a clean bottom and a cleaning buddy that's ready for the next cleaning.


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Cleaning the pool is a time-consuming job? No, you don't. Not with a pool robot. Such an automatic pool cleaner relieves you of this annoying chore. She does the work for you without you having to worry about it. Read below the 6 conveniences of a pool robot.

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