6 conveniences of an automatic pool robot

Cleaning the pool is a time-consuming job? No, you don't. Not with a pool robot. Such an automatic pool cleaner relieves you of this annoying chore. She does the work for you without you having to worry about it. Read below the 6 conveniences of a pool robot.

Advantages at a glance

1. Fully independent cleaning

A pool robot does all the work for you. This means that you put the robot in the water, turn it on via the control panel and then work completely independently. In the meantime, you can simply do something else, while the automatic cleaner cleans the bottom or bottom, wall and waterline of your pool.

2. Clean bottom, clean wall and waterline

There are robots that only clean the bottom, but there are also robots that also take the wall and waterline with them. Most of the dirt is on the bottom, but also the wall and waterline become dirty in the long run. If you take an automatic swimming pool cleaner that also takes the wall and waterline with you, you don't have to clean them manually either. Ideal, isn't it?

3. No difficult connections with the technical installation

Many pool vacuum cleaners have to be connected to the existing technical installation at the pool. This is often experienced as a hassle. Hassle that you don't have to deal with when you have a pool robot. It has enough suction power and an internal filter system that holds all the dirt. No external devices required so.

4. Pre-programmed work schedules

Setting up such a pool robot is also a piece of cake. Every cleaner is equipped with standard, pre-programmed work schedules. These work schedules usually vary between 1 and 3.5 hours. Choose a desired program - depending on how dirty your pool is - and simply let it do its job.

5. Always know what places she needs to have

Forgetting spots, that's not what a pool robot does. The technique in a swimming pool robot is so clever, that she knows exactly what needs to be cleaned. What is even more fascinating is that it seems as if the robot wanders randomly through the pool, but this is not the case. So don't expect straight lanes, but expect a completely clean swimming pool.

6. Hardly any maintenance

A pool robot will last for years. In all those years, all you have to do - apart from storing and placing in the pool - is empty and rinse the filters after every cleaning. Filters that are usually very easy to reach. So that's also an extra convenience.

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6 conveniences of an automatic pool robot
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