Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog is a robot dog that will be delivered with a new game for Nintendo DS. The dog can communicate with the DS game in question and responds to actions in the game. It doesn't work via Wi-Fi or any other wireless technology, but simply via sound.

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Characteristics Wappy Dog

- The Wappy Dog responds to special beeps that come out of the DS speakers while playing.
- Your Wappy Dog has its own identity that you can import into the game, so you always have Wappy with you.
- You can play all kinds of mini-games with Wappy Dog. If you win or lose, Wappy will respond.
- In the DS game you can also provide Wappy with all kinds of accessories and see it grow from puppy to adult dog.
- By the way, Wappy can also respond to your own voice and movements.

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