TIAGo service robot

The Tiagio service robot was developed by Pal Robotics. This is a Eurostar project in which innovative ideas are quickly brought to the market. Pal robotics has already developed several robots such as Reem and Reem C. The organization therefore has the necessary experience

Tiago robot

The first thing that strikes Tiago is that it is narrow, and therefore can manoeuvre in smaller environments such as the house, that the robot is height adjustable and the most striking is its long arm, which allows the robot to reach the ground to pick things up. The robot has sensors to prevent collisions with humans and control is possible via tablet or remote (telepresence). The extent to which Tiago carries out autonomous activities is unknown.

Tiago Specifications

Navigation ; mapping of unstructured environments via a laser
Sensors to prevent collisions with people
Multilingual both speech recognition and speech
Stereo microphones and speaker
Controllable via tablet
Support of telepresence function
Working area from ground to 1.5 metres
Working area within
Speed 1 meter per second
Flexible arm and hand
RGB-D camera to measure depth
Object Recognition
Face Recognition
Battery life (1) 4 to 5 hours
Operating system Linux
WiFi connection

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TIAGo service robot

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PAL Robotics announced last month its TIAGo++, a robot that includes two arms with seven degrees of freedom each. TIAGo is used in diverse European-funded projects where end users from different sectors, from healthcare to industry, are involved.


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