REEM, the humanoid robot made by PAL robotics, can be used for a variety of purposes. Thanks to the autonomous navigation system, its user-friendly touch screen and voice and face recognition system. REEM can find its way into a variety of environments and help to entertain people in public environments.

Use Humanoid REEM

In addition to helping as a guide or artist, REEM-H2 can also transport small packages or be used as a dynamic information point with a wide range of multimedia applications. For example:

- As a display of an interactive map of the environment,
- Display of variety of information (weather, nearby restaurants, airlines travel time, etc. ...),
- Telephone assistance via videoconferencing

Public spaces, care centres

The aim of REEM is that it can be used in a wide range of public places such as, for example, hotels, museums, fairs, special events, shopping centres, airports, hospitals, care centres and many others. REEM is currently being used for promotional purposes. Prices are not yet known.


REEM-C is the third version of PAL Robotics' life-size humanoid robot. Thanks to its battery life of up to eight hours, PAL believes that it can be used, for example, as a receptionist at an event or trade fair, to entertain and compliment guests, to provide dynamic information or even to give presentations and speeches in many different languages.

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