Smart Home Security Robot

Your house is the main goal for Eywa. The deskrobot looks a lot like Jibo but according to the producer it provides different functions.

Feutures of Eywa

When significant motion is detected, even outside the field of view, Eywa will rotate in full circle, record a short clip and send an Instant alter to your phone to play back. Eywa comes with two sensors to alert you when something’s open. When your door or window is opened, Eywa will automatically rotate and capture what happened.

Eywa also has temperature, humidity and light sensors. It offers night vision up to 32 feet, and connectivity options include WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC. De home robot offers 8GB of storage and can playback up to 7 days of recordings. It records video in 1080p.

Eywa also has a built-in WiFi speaker and something called a “multifunction player” to entertain and educate kids.

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Eywa E1

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Eywa E1, AvatarControlsEywa E1, AvatarControls.jpg
Eywa E1, AvatarControlsEywa E1, AvatarControls.jpg

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