Care-O-bot® is the product vision of a mobile robot assistant for active support of humans in the home. The fourth generation of this successful development series is more agile and modular than its predecessor and offers a wide range of interaction options. In addition, the robot is characterized by the use of cost-reducing design principles.

Saturn employs Care-o-bot

10 November 2016 (source: Emerce - saturn-zet-robot shop floor)

Saturn electronics store has hired the Care-O-Bot 4 robot to welcome customers and guide them to the products they are looking for. The robot can receive customers and ask them what they are looking for. Then he accompanies them to it. The robot has been programmed to communicate on the go about small things like the weather and to imitate a person with mimicry. That should create affection. Once on the shelf, he can call on the help of a colleague.

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