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Sony says you can now use a web-based API to program its adorable Aibo robot dog to do new tricks — and you might even be able to make it your smart home’s best friend. Who needs Alexa or Google home if a nice robot dog might be able to help you out around the house instead. Sony is inviting developers to make “services and applications” that can work with Aibo.

In an attempt to introduce Buddhism to a young audience last week, the world's first Buddhist robot was activated in the 400-year-old Kodaiji temple in Kyoto, Japan, Mindar. The Kodaiji temple hopes that Mindar will be able to reach younger generations in a way that traditional monks cannot.

Jibo, 'the first social robot for home with its own "character", stops. Jibo was introduced in 2014 and was designed by Cynthia Breazeal, head of the Personal Robots Group of the MIT Media Lab. Breazeal is a pioneer in the field of social robotics and communication between people and robots. She said at the time that she hoped Jibo would be part of the family. "Jibo is different from other gadgets, because it treats you like a human," she said.

Sphero's RVR robotcar is a programmable robot. Directly from the box to control, equipped with a varied range of sensors, and built for customization. Programmable robot car RVR is more than just a fun, programmable robot - it is also highly adaptable. Spero have added some incredible features that open up a world of possibilities for hackers, teachers, students, technical hobbyists and anyone ready to take it to the next level. With a universal expansion port and on-board power supply, you can connect and use third-party hardware such as a Raspberry Pi, BBC micro:bit or Arduino.

Page 1 of 1, showing 4 record(s) out of 4 total

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