GiraffPlus is a complex system which can monitor activities in the home using a network of sensors, both in and around the home as well as on the body. The sensors can measure e.g. blood pressure or detect e.g. whether somebody falls down. Different services, depending on the individual’s needs, can be pre-selected and tailored to the requirements of both the older adults and health care professionals. At the heart of the system is a unique telepresence robot, Giraff, which lends its name to the project. The robot uses a Skype-like interface to allow e.g. relatives or caregivers to virtually visit an elderly person in the home.

GiraffPlus Project Aims

Develop a networked system in the home consisting of environmental and physiological sensors.
Develop intelligent services which can extract high level activities based on sensor data and provide a robust system.
Provide services such as alarms which via the Giraff will allow healthcare professionals and family to enable timely involvement.
By 2014 test the system in a real homes around Europe and include user feedback in all steps of the system design.

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