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Zeno humanoid robot as a buddy

The Zeno robot is a humanoid robot. They have very advanced facial expressions. This technology makes them ideal for therapies that focus on emotion and social relationships. Zeno is 56 cm high. The robot can walk and move its arms. The Robot is equipped with a camera, 8 microphones, a speedometer and a compass. The Robot speaks 26 different languages and has a touch display on his chest with which he can be controlled. Zeno's movements can be programmed via a graphic program 'RoboWorkshop'. For advanced users it is also possible to write their own software in Java and C++. In the latter case Zeno can be integrated in technique lessons.

Special software packages for use in the elderly with dementia or for children with autism

Robots4Autism is an extensive intervention program for Zeno. The goal is to learn the with the robot skills like;

- Improving concentration and awareness
- Reduce negative behaviour
- Less stress
- Improved communication skills
- More social interaction

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Zeno robot

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