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Xperia Agent

The Xperia Agent is a prototype of Sony's vision of a physical digital home assistant. This desktop robot is equipped with a screen, so you can see for example who is calling, which music is on, what the weather will be for that day or what your calendar looks like. At the top is a camera, so that the Xperia Agent can see with whom he is communicating, and also two vertical lines, which act as eyes. The fact that the 'head' can move and the 'eyes' are animated - they even flash - gives a human touch. As you would expect from Sony, we worked on the integration with TV. Image and videos can be easily displayed on the TV screen.

Home device

The operation of the Sony Xperia agent is similar to the Echo of Amazon, Google Home and Otto of Samsung. More or less robotized devices that we talk to and that help us control the house and optimize our social contacts. By connecting the Agent to as many other devices as possible, you can make him function as a central hub. Because it is connected to the Internet, the agent can look up information for you, and thanks to a Bluetooth connection to your phone, you can call it. In Sony's vision, it must also be possible to connect to many more devices via Bluetooth.

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