TUG robot changes logistics in hospitals

TUG's mobile robot performs delivery and transport tasks in hospitals to give staff more time to focus on patient care. Safe delivery of pharmacy medicines and laboratory samples and heavier loads such as meals, linen and environmental services are all moved autonomously. The result is more job satisfaction and more time for patient care.

Common tasks

Nursing : TUG was designed with nurses in mind. With TUG, nurses know when medicines, meals and other supplies come in.

Medicines : TUG supplies safe medicines directly to nursing wards. It secures and automates deliveries that are normally transported by tube or manual courier.

Food service : TUG offers automated, cost-effective delivery of meals to patients in the room and returns dirty trays to the Food Service department.

Linen : TUG ensures the safe, planned and on-demand delivery of linen to nursing wards. Personnel do not have to leave the unit for the delivery of linen, because TUG delivers where the supplies are needed.

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TUG robot

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