A cuddly sleeping robot

The fact that robots can take all kinds of forms is demonstrated once again by this design by TU Delft. This robot has a special goal: to make us sleep better. Sleep is the basis for good health. A good night's sleep is a requirement for a good day. Somnox ensures that everyone has a chance of a perfect night's sleep.



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Sleep Buddy

Somnox is your sleep-buddy who takes you to bed and assists you. Somnox has many sensors (registration) and actuators (activation) and can adapt to the user.

Somnox can simulate human breathing. It registers your sleep stage and adjusts the rhythm of your breathing accordingly.
Somnox has bluetooth speakers built in and can play a quiet lullaby to bring you to sleep. If you have fallen asleep, the music will stop automatically.
In the morning Somnox will wake you up with a sunrise. A slowly brightening light will wake you up in a natural way.
Somnox is covered with durable materials that feel good and comfortable


The application gives you control over Somnox via your phone. For example, set an alarm or the speed of breathing or sync your favorite music for the evening or morning!

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