Sociale robotbeer

Social robotic bear

The social robotic bear is designed to be a friendly terminal with behaviors and expressions. The aim is to provide comfort for the elderly, to keep children happy and to support families in providing care, education, healing and relevant information in daily life.

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Applications robotic bear Fujitsu

- At home: supporting and guiding family in their daily lives
- Older people's care: support for the elderly and control
- Care: Support of children and distraction
- School: Education support and motivation for learning

Robotic bear functions Fujitsu

The robot emphasizes non-verbal communication with users through expressions and gestures:

- Face: Collapsible ears, eyelids open and closed, mouth open and closed
- Neck: kinking, shaking and lifting the head
- Body: two shoulder joints per shoulder, one hip joint per leg.
- Camera in the nose
- 13 skin touch sensors
- Grip sensors (both hands)
- Tilt sensor
- Microphone and speakers

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