Scarabot X8

ScaraBot makes professional drones and delivers them in a finishing package. The Scarabot multicopters have been developed for professional applications with the goal of a much longer flight time and a weight below the critical limit of five kilograms (even with GoPro camera). After years of development, the best composers on the market have been used to develop a series that can be flexibly built up according to the needs of the user.

Scarabot X8 applications

The Scarabot is used for a variety of purposes. Photography, film making and industrial applications such as inspection equipment are widely used. The lightweight materials, best possible battery and many options such as GPS, coming home and the ability to mount all possible sensors make this a drone that goes far beyond the hobby level. The Scarabot can be seen from a great distance thanks to its extensive LED lighting. This is also necessary because the Scarabot is the marathon runner under the drones. Based on GPS, the Scarabot can fly completely autonomously.

The drone can thus be used for the inspection of plots of land and buildings and roofs. Measuring and scanning large areas with infrared, 3D scanners and high-resolution camera also gives the user an enormous amount of information within a very short time. A few years ago, that would have been days and days of manual work, making it easy for many companies to recoup their investment in a Scarabot.

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