RS Tri-bot


RS Tri-bot

RS Tri-bot is a fast talking and moving companion, which is fully loaded with a variety of different interactive games. With a captivating personality and lively face Tri-bot will entertain you with jokes, stories and comments. He's even more fun than your best friend.

Nice features RS Tri-bot

- RS Tri-bot is incredibly expressive.
- He has animated eyebrows and eyes that light up.
- Equipped with a three-wheel base for precise movement in all directions!
- RS Tri-bot is equipped with a tilt-sensitive remote control. Point the regulator toward it, turn your wrist and it will follow!
- RS Tri-bot has a hilarious alarm mode; when the alarm goes off, RS Tri-bot starts running.
- Test your skills with three RS Tri bikes on board racing games (Pattern, Maze, and Mine Field).

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RS Tri-bot

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