With Rovio, you're a click away from places and people that are important to you. Rovio is the mobile webcam that automatically navigates remotely to a selected point. Using web-enabled devices such as PC, MAC, smartphone or PDA you can be in 2 places at the same time. A good help as a babysitter.

Features of Rovio

- Remote Control via web browser from anywhere with internet connection.
- Moving camera with a wide picture allows you to see and hear everything.
- The audio and video can then be sent over Wi-Fi to remotely view the images.
- Place waypoints so that Rovio can navigate by itself.
- VGA camera, LED illumination.
- 1 Speaker and 1 microphone for 2-way audio.
- USB connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Images and video

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Wowwee rovioWowwee-rovio.jpg

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