Robosapien X


Robosapien X

Robosapien X combines all the features of the previous version (v2) with app control! With IOS and Android, the included Dongle makes programming your Robosapien easier than ever. A flowing movement with a biomechanical, multi-sensory, interactive humanoid personality. This 24 "tall" second generation Robosapien is capable of running autonomously and is capable of reacting interactively with people and objects.

Nice features Robosapien X

- Remote control, autonomous "free running".
- Programmable via your smartphone.
- 4 Program mode using the remote control or manually.
- See, hear and feel sensors.
- Humanoid movements of the body, including bending, sitting and standing, lying and standing up, dancing, swinging, martial arts.
- Speech: Reacts verbally to stimuli from the environment.
- Color Vision System: recognizes colors and skin tones.
- Stereo Sound Detection System: "hears" and responds to sounds.
- IR Vision: detects and avoids obstacles; tracks moving objects.
- True bi-pedal running with multiple aisles.
- Precision gripping with articulated fingers.
- Realistic 2-axis rotating head with animated LED eyes.
- 100 pre-programmed functions.


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Robosapien X

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