Watch out, Roborover ready for fight. The second new Robo friend in WowWee's 2009 program, Roborover is riding on Wall-E-style treadmill and has an interactive character that is developing. Roborover comes with built-in sensors to control games and multiple sensors to help find out where he is going.

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Nice features Roborover

- Roborover has a fun and adventurous personality that grows when you play with him!
- His remote control is simple and easy to use.
- Ideal for young explorers!
- The tyre allows Roborover to roll over rough terrain and slopes.
- In the dark it gives light with a working headlight!
- Play fun interactive games including Roborover Graf and Swamp.
- Roborover can detect and prevent obstacles on its way.
- Eyes and mouth light up when he talks.

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