Roboquad is a curious robot with unique animated multi-directional movement and advanced sensory awareness. With multicolored flashing lights and techno sound effects, Roboquad is the first real robot arthropods.

Nice features of Roboquad

- Interact with his environment as he moves, scans, avoid obstacles, and respond to any changes.
- Behaviour influenced by 3 adjustable personality settings: the level of activity, aggression level and the level of consciousness.
- Left scan and right scan: will rotate and respond to any object within 3 meters range.
- Sound sensor: responds to sound.
- Slim and mobile: rotating legs, neck.
- Advanced travel control: direction, walking style Full function, illuminated remote control 72 pre-programmed functions including dance and movement.
- Programmable: up to 40 moves


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Images and video

Wowwee RoboquadWowwee-Roboquad.jpg
Wowwee RoboquadWowwee-Roboquad.jpg

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