Robopet is the perfect fusion of technology and personality. He "comes to life" with a combination of user-controlled movements and autonomous, free-roaming behavior, some features are naughty and some are nice. With its 23 centimetres, it is the perfect interactive pet to take with you anywhere!

Nice features of Robopet

- Realistic movements are walking around, running, crawling, sitting, rolling over and much more.
- Performs tricks on command.
- Sonic Sensors: Responds to sounds.
- Motion sensors: responds to human movements.
- Transmits digital animal sounds such as barking, whining, growling and panting.
- Trainable: responds to positive and negative power.
- Visual and auditory watchdog mode.
- Sleep and automatic shutdown functions.
- Remote control and autonomous "free-roaming" behaviour.
- Recommended for age 8 years and older.


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