Robonova 1


Robonova 1

Mit Robonova I können Sie die faszinierende neue Welt der Robotik hautnah erleben. Mit Hilfe eines ausführlichen Handbuchs können Sie einen humanoiden Roboter Schritt für Schritt erstellen und bedienen, wie sie bisher nur an Universitäten oder Forschungszentren hergestellt wurden.

Features Robonova 1

- The software offers two programming options: graphic with sliders or Robo-Basic, a Basic-Dialekt. Ideal for beginners and professionals.
- 16 powerful servos give the two-legged robot incredible power and freedom of movement.
- The supplied software provides the required "intelligence". He can walk, perform simple actions and even gymnast. Exercises such as the turn of the wheel, roll forward or backward are no problem at all.
Of course the Robonova I can also stand up on its own.
- The memory of the Robonova I consists of a powerful ATMEGA 128, which still has a lot of room for future extensions.
- An infrared remote control allows you to influence the robot and have it "react" to unforeseen events.



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Robonova 1

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Zelfbouwrobot Robonova 1 Hitec roboticsZelfbouwrobot-Robonova-1-Hitec-robotics.jpg
Zelfbouwrobot Robonova 1 Hitec roboticsZelfbouwrobot-Robonova-1-Hitec-robotics.jpg

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