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RoboMaster S1 is a DJI educational robot. The robot is meant for people of 14 years and older and is delivered in separate parts. You have to assemble and program the robot yourself. With this DJI hopes to stimulate young people to learn more about robotics.

S1 is a very advanced rover designed to give new users a simple introduction to AI, engineering and robotics. With simple controls, a dedicated RoboMaster app, easy to navigate menus and a wealth of tutorials, the S1 is accessible to newcomers and offers advanced features for users who already have experience with AI, engineering and robotics.

Programming and controlling

The S1 can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet, or programmed (with the programming languages Scratch 3.0 and Python). It allows users to program their own unique Robomaster S1 functions, from how the robot moves to increasing efficiency and optimising four-wheel torque. Users can even write and add their own programs as custom skills, which can be used while playing.


It is equipped with 31 sensors to help it map its surroundings, and it can move smoothly in all directions thanks to cleverly designed wheels. In addition, the small robot has computer vision and an FPV (first person view) camera so that you can watch the robot from a distance.

RoboMaster S1 can follow lines on the ground, recognise hand and body movements and follow you. DJI hopes that people will use the robot to organize their own races and robot battles with friends. The S1 can shoot small gel patterns with a cannon.



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