Roboboa is a cool, sinuous, sci-fi tech toy with moods and mobility. Combining advanced AI animations with lights, motion and sound. Roboboa is a smart desk light, wake-up alarm, scanning room guard, disco tent, roving tank, safety light, playful cannon, and friendly attentive robot.

Nice features Roboboa

- Thinks for himself but follows each command 3-eyed.
- Dazzling LED lights and sounds.
- Moods, Rotates, swivels, spins, lifts alarm.
- Over 40 features easy to use flashlight remote.
- A radar sensor, a brightness sensor, an audio speaker, entertainment x 9 LEDs Volume.

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Wowwee RoboboaWowwee-Roboboa.jpg
Wowwee RoboboaWowwee-Roboboa.jpg

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