Robomow RC308u

Your lawn will be neatly maintained with the Robomow RC308h, while you sit in your lazy chair. The compact and manoeuvrable robotic lawnmower can easily handle gardens up to 800 m2 in size. You lay the 200-metre perimeter wire around the lawn once, set the desired cutting height and the robotic lawn mower does the rest. Interim control is done via the Robomow App. The rain sensor stops working when it starts splashing. By shredding the cut grass, the lawn soil is immediately fertilised. With the RC308h you are fully equipped.


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Robotgrasmaaier Robomow RC308uRobotgrasmaaier Robomow RC308u.jpg
Robotgrasmaaier Robomow RC308uRobotgrasmaaier Robomow RC308u.jpg

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