QB Teleprecense robot

All you need is a web browser and you can interact with the entire office, laboratory, factory or warehouse. QB slides smoothly and quietly around, giving you full access and visibility. In addition to remote control, this robot is also able to help with a video conference.

Office of the future

- Follow calls in real time at the office and not just in the conference room.
- See what is happening in the office.
- Knowing when it's a good time to approach people.
- Easy to control and quiet.
- With QB, you can focus on your business.

Case Evernote

Evernote a software company works with the latest communication tools including Anybot's telepresence robot. Employees at Evernote offices mail and call less. They have other, more modern means of communication at their disposal. For example, there is a life-size video wall with which employees from the head office and the second branch can look inside and communicate with each other. "Above all, we want to prevent people who do not work at the head office from feeling like second-class employees.

Top executive uses Qb telepresence

Because he travels a lot, top executive Phil Libin uses the robot he controls via the internet. Because the robot is on two wheels, it can easily pass by an employee. He communicates via a camera and with a laser Libin can even point out things remotely.


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QB Teleprecense robot

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