Pleo robot dinosaur

Pleo reacts to your behaviour, but is also independent. Just like a real pet, she sometimes loses her attention for you and eventually even walks to explore the space. Pleo is a dinosaur that you have to nurture from the moment you unpack it.



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Nice features of Pleo

- Pleo is equipped with 14 motors and 2 microphones
- 8 sensors in his head, 4 sensors in his feet
- 14 motion sensors and 2 speakers
- Because of this, Pleo will react very realistically to your movements and actions
- After you charge Pleo for 4 hours you can play with him for an hour.
- As soon as Pleo gets tired, you notice that because he reacts more slowly to you
- How quickly Pleo grows up depends entirely on the attention you give him
- Pleo is a Camarasaurus that is 48cm long (and stays)

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