Mister Personality

Mister Personality

Mr. Personality gives new content to the term "personal" robot. This fully animated and interactive speaking friend shows personality in everything he says or does. He tells jokes, tells you happiness every day and answers questions about your future. His full-color LCD screen shows his emotions.

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Nice features of Mister Personality

- Full-color LCD.
- Mr. Personality's screen shows his personality with animated and synchronized features.
- Enjoy endless hours through its multiple sensors and activities.
- With the playback control functions on the remote control, you can influence the outcome of the various interactive stories.
- Use the joystick for full direction and rotation control.
- With the Trigger button RS Mr Personality can be driven around as a race car.
- Crystal Ball function - "yes" or "no" question and receive a "fortune teller" answer.

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