Lynx robot with Amazon Alexa

The Lynx is a robot that combines the Alpha Robot with the voice recognition capabilities of Amazon's Alexa and its AI. Avatar Mode : Be there… when you can’t be there. Enable Avatar Mode in the Lynx app from anywhere in the world. You can see, hear, and speak – all through your Lynx robot. You can also ask Lynx to perform functions such as wave hi, give a hug, or dance by using the Lynx Robot app on your smartphone.

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Companion in the house

Ubtech describes the Lynx as in "companion at home", through the countless features that the robot could do, such as facial recognition, personalized greetings, playing music, live stream feeds from your home while you're away, event reminders and calendar alerts. Thanks to Alexa, The Lynx is able to order Prime products directly from Amazon via simple voice commands.

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