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The Segway Loomo is equipped with a 1080p HD fisheye camera and offers you perfect playback and video recording. The Loomo has a high-volume battery. This allows Loomo drivers to make comfortable journeys from a distance of up to 35 km.

With Intel RealSense tracking and advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you without encountering any obstacles on the road. Let's explore new possibilities together, Loomo gives you the platform.

Specifications Loomo

- Intel RealSense ZR300 camera for depth detection and motion tracking, which provides 3D perception, robot mapping and can avoid obstacles.
- Thanks to the capabilities of the Android SDK, you are provided with a lot of new features.
- Loomo constantly updates its software and application and updates new features that will surprise you.
- With a self-balancing technology, the Loomo can take you anywhere you want, wherever you want.
- IPX4 offers protection against all weather conditions, such as rain and mud.
- Speed up to 18 km/h in self-calibration mode and 8 km/h in tracking mode.
- The large non-slip tyres ensure a smooth ride on uneven roads, preventing slippage

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Segway Loomo, your mobile robotpartnerSegway-Loomo-your-mobile-robotpartner.webp
Segway Loomo, your mobile robotpartnerSegway-Loomo-your-mobile-robotpartner.webp

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