Little sophia robot

Little Sophia robot

Little Sophia can walk, talk, sing, play games and, like her big sister, even tell jokes! She is a programmable, educational companion, who will inspire children to learn about coding, AI, science, technology, engineering and mathematics through a safe, interactive, human-robot experience. Unlike most educational toys designed by toy companies, Little Sophia is made by the same famous developers, engineers, robotics and AI-scientists who made Sophia the Robot.

Little sophia robot is manufacturered by

Hanson Robotics

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Features little Sophia

• Wide range of facial expressions
• Facial tracking and recognition
• Interactive chat with user
• Tells stories, jokes, play games and sings
• Interacts with kids while teaching
• Programmable with blockly and python

little Sophia for education

Little Sophia delivers a high-quality, entertaining and educational experience so young students are highly motivated to spend time learning with her. The interaction between Little Sophia and users focuses on storytelling and learning new things.

Hanson robotics believe that Little Sophia can help to introduce coding and AI to children - especially girls in a fun, safe, inspiring and interactive way that might help to make small difference in reversing the current trends.

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Mini Sophia robot for consumers

Little Sophia robot Hanson roboticsLittle-Sophia-robot-Hanson-robotics.jpg Next year a mini-version of the well-known social robot Sophia will be released for consumers. Developer Hanson Robotics told this during techfestival Bright Day. The talking robot has dozens of facial expressions. "The robot will cost several hundred dollars," says David Chen of Hanson Robotics to Bright. Users will also be able to program the mini version of the social robot Sophia themselves. Hanson Robotics has already released an Einstein doll. more
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