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Lea robot, the smart rollator

Lea is a highly innovative personal care assistant. By using robot technology, the smart rollator offers support to elderly and patients in order to be able to live longer and safely in their own environment.

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Robot Care Systems

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Lea robot is a highly innovative personal care assistant. By using robot technology, the smart rollator supports elderly people and rehabilitation patients to become more active, to rehabilitate, to live independently for longer and to contribute to safety.

Enhance self-reliance with LEA robot

The user is less dependent on a partner, family, care provider and/or informal carer. The quality of life is significantly enhanced by the use of this robot rollator. Lea ensures that people can continue to live an independent, safe and active life. Care providers or family members have more time to offer social attention, for example.

Stability, security and convenience

Lea offers support in carrying out the daily activities. Lea functions partly autonomously and helps users in their daily lives. Lea can provide more stability when getting up and walking, safety for users and informal carers and activation. The smart rollator can provide more stability, safety and convenience. Thanks to its sensors, it actively guides the user in getting up, standing up and walking safely, helps prevent falls and is able to reach the user independently. Elderly people and various patient groups such as Dementia patients, Parkinson's patients and patients with a congenital brain defect can, together with Lea, maintain control in order to be able to function independently.

Communication and exercise

You can communicate with Lea via the interactive screen. For example, the user can maintain remote contact with family, care provider or informal carer via video calls and messages. The smart rollator also has various reminders for medication and nutrition, for example. In addition, Lea stimulates daily movement with dancing and exercises and keeps track of how long the user has been active. This can be done at home as well as in rehabilitation, where progress can be monitored via the online portal.


The smart electronic rollator can also contribute to rehabilitation temporarily (or for a longer period of time). Users can practice with Lea because she is stable and invites you to get moving. Analyses of your movement (e.g. pedometer) are possible to get a grip on the progress.

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