The Kuri robot was developed by Mayfield Robotics (a startup of Bosch). Kuri, a 20-inch-high robot, promises to be a companion that performs more of the role of a pet. Kuri is very similar to the Buddy Robot and the Zenbo robot with a big difference, this robot has no screen.

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The robot has a 1080p camera behind its eyes that can be used to inspect the room and to recognise individual people. The robot also works as a blue tooth speaker to play or read audio. What voice recognition software and AI is used is still unknown For the control of the house can be used IFTT (If This Then That). An example of such an instruction is; as soon as the sun goes down you can switch on (all) HUE lamps.


Kuri can drive around like a robot vacuum cleaner. This allows the robot to recognize objects, avoid stairs and return to its charging station.

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Unfortunately, the company behind the Kuri robot, a smart device for your smarthome, has had to close its doors. Mayfield Robotics had previously announced that production of the robot had been halted. In the meantime, the company has not been able to attract investors.


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