Described as an "interactive buddy". The Joebot will run, talk, and even play beatbox. You determine the beat. The Voice Command function allows you to recognize and respond to specific pre-programmed phrases.

Nice features of Joebot

- Joebot is the first robot to have voice commands (English).
- Joebot is like a crazy cartoon character full of jokes and hilarious reactions.
- Joebot has a fast and smooth walking motion.
- In Beatox mode, he plays back up to 200 beats in a row!
- Programmable up to 40 steps.
- Joebot can detect obstacles.
- Eyes and mouth light up when he talks.
- Joebot's best feature is his Battle Mode. When you turn on this mode, the little mechanical friend will roam and shoot around on things with his hand weapons. If you want, you can challenge Joebot for a duel using the TV remote control.



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