Intellibot Duobot


Intellibot Duobot

Duobot lives up to its name by sucking and polishing at the same time. For schools, airports and shopping malls, Duobot is the solution for those who don't want to buy separate robots for polishing and vacuuming.

Features Intellibot Duobot

With its 360 degree sensors Duobot is completely autonomous. It is no different from the other Intellibot products. The big difference with the Aerobot is that the Duobot is only suitable for hard floors.

Duobot works with brushes and sponges that are used as standard in the cleaning industry. These are easy to install from the outside.

Simple operation
Anyone can work with the Duobot by using icons. Once programmed in this way, the robot is ready to work. His memory can store hundreds of maps, allowing him to be used flexibly.

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Intellibot Duobot

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