Intellibot Aerobot


Intellibot Aerobot

Aerobot is a silent worker. It cleans thoroughly and purifies the air it blows out. It works very precisely, along all the walls and in the corners. It works autonomously after setting.

Features Intellibot Aerobot

With its 360 degree sensors, Aerobot is completely autonomous. He can therefore finish an entire floor plan himself, avoid obstacles and people and make sure that no corner is skipped. Once the robot has been programmed, its supervisor can leave it alone. Should Aerobot fail for any reason, a message will be sent to the supervisor for assistance.

Large capacity
With its large reservoir and double filters, Aerobot can vacuum for up to four hours without anyone being involved. With the optional battery replacement system, this can even be easily doubled. This robot produces only 65 decibels of sound during its work.

Simple operation
Anyone can work with the Aerobot by using icons. Once programmed in this way, the robot is ready to work. His memory can store hundreds of maps, allowing him to be used flexibly.

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Intellibot Aerobot

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