HSR service robot

Human Support Robot

HSR, the abbreviation for Human Resource Robot, is Toyota's newest robot. HSR is meant to do various jobs in the house such as open curtains, pick up objects and keep your house tidy.

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Features HSR

The robot weighs 70 lbs.
The robot travels at a maximum speed of about 3 km per hour.
The robot has a telescopic body between 1 meter and 1.75 cm.
The robot arm can lift objects up to 130 cm long and weighing 1.2 kg or less
It can overcome unevenness in the floor up to 0.3 inches (enough to cross from hardwood to carpet).
The robot and can climb slopes up to 5 degrees.
The robot appears to be both a ProSense (Microsoft Kinect) sensor and stereo cameras in its head that enable the robot to identify depth and recognize people and objects.

Made for a homely environment

The HSR robot in its dimensions and features is really made to work in a home or hospital environment. In addition, Toyota engineers attach great importance to the robot's movements being careful, safe and not very powerful, so that they cannot accidentally injure their user.

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